What We Do

Founded in the year 2000, Al Arabia Cinema is a leading MENA region film production and distribution company based in Egypt with offices in Dubai. Al Arabia Cinema produced a number of iconic Egyptian movies such as, El Saher, Sahar El Layaly, Al Selem W El Thobaan, Ameer Al Zalam etc. Blockbuster movies such as La Taragoa Wala Esteslam, Zahymer, Teer Enta etc. and award-winning movies such as Rasayel El Bahr. Al Arabia Cinema also owns Renaissance cinemas, operating screens in various locations around Cairo and Alexandria.

Our vision at Al Arabia Cinema is modernizing the Arab Cinema industry as we believe that it has all the traits and assets that would render this industry a leading international one.

Mission Statement

We at Al Arabia Cinema Production and Distribution believe that the Arab Cinema industry has all the traits and assets that would render this industry a leading international one. We are dedicated to seeing this happen, via the use of proper management techniques and the best of what technology and human resources has to offer in this field.


Mrs. Esaad Younis
Founder & CEO
In 2000 our esteemed CEO, Mrs. Esaad Younis began her career as a film producer and executive, creating some of the best Egyptian films in history over the past 20 years. Alongside, her role as a CEO in the film and production industry, Mrs. Esaad, is also an author having published several books, a script writer, a radio show host, and last but not least Mrs. Esaad hosts the well-known “Sahebet Al Saada” TV show viewed by millions of Egyptians and Arabs weekly.


Omar AlKhawaja

Board Member & Strategic Advisor

Ahmad Sobeih

Managing Director

Nadeem Malik

Managing Director (International)

Ramy Farouk

Chief Financial Officer

Mourad Sobhy

Operation & Distribution Director

Ehab Boshra

Legal Counsel

Maged Zaki

Country Manager

Ayman Mahmoud

HR Manager

Camilia El Askalany

Marketing Director

Tarek AbuYoussef

Chief of Staff

Emam Mabrouk

Concession Director

Rana Youssef

Procurement Manager

Mina Ezeet

Full-Stack Developer

Haitham Galal

IT Director

Mostafa Abd Rabo

Engineering & Maintenance Director

Philipe Fransis

Logistics & Storage Director