Birds Of The Nile

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"CAIRO" calls!!! The cosmopolitan capital!!! The adventure of a lifetime !!! Where all dreams come true!! "Cairo" is a destination for many Egyptians from the countryside in search for a better life. But the reality is often much harsher than in their dreams. A countryside guy discovers the ugly face of Cairo as the city turns him into one of its many victims. A gripping illustration of how the structure of the Egyptian society has changed with the slow disappearance of the middle class


Magdy Ahmed Ali
Ibraihm Aslan
120 min.
Editor : Ahmed Daoud

D.O.P : Ramsis Marzouk

Director : Magdy Ahmed Ali

Production Manager : Ayman Al Arab

Executive producer : Ayman Al Arab

Art Director : Khalied Amin

Music Composer : Rageh Dawoud