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Shot in Alexandria using non-professional actors and crew, Ibrahim El Batout's third feature continues the Egyptian filmmaker's obsession in contemplating the details of daily Egyptian life. The story follows the journey of Youssef, a prisoner released after five years of solitary confinement in order to fetch a sheath of important documents, with a number of seemingly unconnected subplots, concerning a group of aspiring songwriters, a satellite TV executive searching for a show host, an elderly juggler leading his sickly old horse though the city streets, and so on. As a result, what might have been a straight-ahead story with predictable scenes, becomes an organic study of a city populated by disparate, often desperate, characters, a closer view of so-called reality and the lives of everyday people.


Hanan Youssef
Mohamed El Sayed
Sherief El Desouky
Fady Eskandar
Ibrahim El Batout
Rina Aref
Perry Moataz
Mirette El Hariry
Khaled Raafat
Ahmed Soliman
Saeed Kabeel
Hany El Dakak
Waguih El Laqany
Abdel Fattah Hussein
Mark Lotfy