The Night Baghdad Fell

Release Date
Running time

After the US troops entered Baghdad, many in the region feared their country would become the next target of US occupation. Many, including some Egyptians whose sleepless nights gave way to endless occupation nightmares : what if the US decided to invade Egypt ? Scared to death by this thought, a humble schoolmaster puts all his energy, money and hope to support a young genius inventor. Why ? To create a deterring weapon that will protect him and his peers. Will he succeed ? Is the dreadful nightmare here to stay ? Or will it vanish with the power of survival ? Will he manage to secure his homeland with his friend ? A funny film filled with bizarre circumstances.


Mohamed Amin
Political / Comedy
100 min.
Editor : Maha Roshdy

D.O.P : Ehab Mohamed Ali

Director : Mohamed Amin

Art Director : Adel Al Maghraby

Music Composer : Tamer Karwan